Greening Club

The Greening Club is a group of parent volunteers who work with teachers and staff at Frankland Community School to support Eco initiatives and outdoor play and learning opportunities for students.

In January 2018, we are starting the year off with the Indoor Plant Drive, a winter blues busting, air filtering campaign to bring more plants into the classroom.  Please read on for more information about NASA’s Clean Air Study and a study from the University Technology, Sydney about plants in the classroom.  Simply send in your child with a plant, preferably tropical which are more tolerant of lower light conditions indoors, straight to their classroom.  You can find a list of suggested plants here as well as some places where you can buy them here.  We are happy to accept plants not listed here as well.  Thank you to the staff and families of Frankland for your support and participation in this initiative.

EcoSchools began in the fall and the EcoTeam led by Gary Bieler and Sunghye Yun has formed for the year.  The EcoClub consisting of about 30+ students from Grade 3 to Grade 6.

This year at Frankland, we have Elin, our Garden Educator, who will return in the spring to visit once a week and works with students and teachers in and around the garden with harvesting, cooking, mapping and more.  View her current curriculum here.

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Frankland Community School is a certified Gold EcoSchool thanks to the efforts of teachers, staff, students, parents and the community.

Below you can find monthly updates.


Greening Club Updates:

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