About Frankland School Council

The Frankland School Council meets once a month in the Staff Room. All parents are welcome to attend meetings, and childcare is provided.

** Please note – at this time, all meetings will be held virtually via Zoom or Google Meet

What does the School Council do and why should you get involved?

Joining the School Council is a great way to get involved in our school community.

The School Council:

  • Provides a regular forum for collaboration between parents and staff in order to support student learning;
  • Advises the principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after-school activities, and criteria for the selection of new principals;
  • Represents the diverse views of the school community on issues as they arise;
  • Informs the school community about decisions taken; and
  • Fundraises for priorities identified by the parents and staff

School Council Consists of 15 elected positions:

* Please note, this year Council positions may look a bit different as some of our usually planned activities may not be taking place. We are still aiming to have 15 people on Council, even if they may not have a specific position.

If you have any questions about any of the positions please send an email to SC.FranklandCommunitySchool@tdsb.on.ca and we will get back to you.  

Designated Positions (6)Members at Large (9)
Chair/Co-Chair (mandated)Communications
Secretary (mandated)Equity Diversity & Inclusion Liaison
Treasurer (mandated)Falconwear Co-Ordinator
Greening Committee LiaisonFun Fair Lead
Fundraising ChairFundraising Events Lead
Liaison/Advocacy ChairSchool Lunch Program Co-Ordinator
Volunteer/Class Rep Co-Ordinator
Ward Council Rep
Pool Rep

All parents are welcome to attend Council meetings. Parents who do not hold voting positions are welcome to attend meetings and/or serve on school council committees.



The chair/co-chair is expected to:

  • Call and chair council meetings
  • Prepare agendas in consultation with the principal and other members
  • Ensure that the minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • Communicate with the principal on matters relating to the business of the council
  • Ensure regular two-way communication between the council and the rest of the school community
  • Ensure democratic procedures for decision-making and for the overall conduct of the business of council
  • Consult with senior staff members of the school board and trustees as required
  • Represent or speak on behalf of the school council on committees or at forums beyond the school except where the responsibility is delegated to other council members
  • Ensure that the operation of the council is consistent with the guiding principles for school councils
  • Ensure maximum involvement of entire council
  • Vote on issues as required


The Treasurer is expected to:

  • Account for funds belonging to the school council
  • Present financial reports
  • Manage the school council bank account
  • Organize petty cash
  • Sign documents
  • Vote on issues as required


The Secretary is expected to:

  • Record minutes of the school council meetings
  • Ensure that school council minutes are shared with members of the community
  • Coordinate, gather and attach supplemental information to the minutes as required
  • Maintain records of all correspondence
  • Communicate necessary council information to Principal for weekly Newsletter
  • Vote on issues as required


The Greening Committee Chair / Liaison is expected to:

  • Attend Greening Committee meetings and report back information to school council meetings
  • Sign off on any submitted grants on behalf of the council
  • Help with Greening Committee
  • Recruit volunteers to the Greening Committee
  • Vote on issues as required


The Liaison / Advocacy Chair is expected to:

  • Organize the Frankland School Council Speaker Series
  • Liaise with other schools in the community to build a larger community speaker series.
  • Organize free family engagement events for the Frankland School Community such as the winter skating party, Movie Nights, School Dance, etc.
  • Vote on issues as required


The Fundraising Chair is expected to:

  • Develop a fundraising strategy to meet funding needs over the course of the school year
  • Coordinate scheduling of fundraising projects
  • Coordinate Direct Donation Campaign
  • Liaise with volunteer committees of fundraising events
  • Vote on issues as required


(9 Positions)

Elected members of the school council are expected to:

  • Participate in council meetings
  • Act as a link between the school council and the school community by consulting and reporting back where appropriate
  • Encourage others to participate in the activities of the council
  • Follow the operating rules or guidelines as agreed upon by the council
  • Vote on issues as required
  • Assume a Leadership position in one of the following roles:

Fundraising Events Lead

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the fundraising events – this could include a Silent Auction, Art Show Gala or other fundraising events that may be initiated.
  • Works with Fundraising Chair to create a strategy for events

Fun Fair Lead

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the fun fair

School Lunch Program Coordinator

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the winter lunch program from choosing programs, booking instructors, creating a schedule and registering students

Volunteer / Class Representative Coordinator

  • Liaises between the council and the class representatives
  • Coordinates classroom representatives for school wide events (e.g. Fun Fair, Fundraising Events)
  • Coordinates donations from the classroom community for fundraisers

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

  • Liaises with staff, school council and parent community to support equity initiatives and policies regarding equity, inclusion and fairness
  • Attends Safe and Caring Schools Committee meetings
  • Reports back to council as needed


  • Updates and maintains Frankland Parent Blog, Facebook page, Instagram and calendar of events
  • Assists with the creation of promotional material for council events

Falcon Wear Coordinator

  • Coordinates sales and distribution of Falcon Wear (school spirit clothing etc.)

Pool Representative

  • Attends pool meeting(s)
  • Reports back to council as needed

Ward Council Representative

  • Attends Ward council meetings and represents Frankland School Council
  • Reports back to council as needed

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