Grade 1 Food Drive

The Grade 1s are running a food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank from December 5-14th.  The Food Drive is on for just 2 more days!  Help the Grade 1s reach their goal!

From the December Newsletter:

We are doing a food drive with Ms. Gurney’s class. We want to make a difference in someone’s life.

First, we designed posters and then we hung them where people look a lot including upstairs. Next each of us designed our own flyer. We did the math and figured out how many people would visit each classroom. We explained the Food Drive to each class and asked them to help us make a difference. We gave them flyers to take home.

Some days we do a graph and add stickers to keep track of how many items we have collected. Today is Day 3 of the Food Drive and we are happy because we have collected 380 items! Our goal is to reach 600 food items.

We are visiting the Eastview Food Bank so we can learn how a Food Bank works. Both grade one classes take turns doing an announcement and doing the sticker graph. We all get a turn delivering the donations from all the classrooms which we are responsible for picking up everyday after the morning attendance. We are proud of ourselves but there is still more work to do. Thank you to our families and teachers for helping us.

Written by the students of Room 108


Grade 3 Bake Sale!

On Tuesday December 12th, remember to empty your piggy banks to buy yummy treats all in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank!  Check out some of the amazing posters found around the school.


From the December Newsletter:

There is going to be a bake sale very soon! This Tuesday, December the 12th, the grade three students in rooms 204 and 205 will be having a bake sale. The money the grade threes collect will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank. We found out that every dollar raised provides one healthy meal. Please ask your child to bring some change to school this Tuesday. You can help someone who needs it, and your child gets a delicious treat to eat! We hope you will attend!

Written by Zoey and Sebastian