Reminder: Frankland’s Halloween Costume Parade is on Monday, October 31.

Frankland’s Halloween Costume Parade is on Monday, October 31, in the school yard, starting at 1 p.m. Families are invited to line the pathway along the south side of the grounds to view the parade. We will move the parade inside if it is inclement weather and families will be invited to the gym to watch.

A few things to remember for the parade:

  • Students can get dressed right after lunch before the parade if they are not coming to school wearing a costume.
  • Wearing a costume or participating in a parade is optional.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you request an alternative activity
  • Another culture’s traditional clothing is not a costume.  Please consider this when choosing / creating a costume.
  • Should students want to wear masks, they can wear them during the parade as long as their vision is not compromised.
  • Anything that can be considered a weapon should stay at home.
  • Consider the weather and provide warm clothing that can be worn under a costume.
  • DJ (Disk Jedi) Sykes will provide music

*** Please provide children with a costume they can put on by themselves. We will be unable to facilitate parents / caregivers helping students get dressed ***