Frankland Art Project – Seven Grandfather Teachings

Students in JK to Grade 6 have been learning about the Seven Grandfather Teachings from the The Turtle Lodge Center for Indigenous Education and Wellness in Sagkeeng First Nation. The Seven Grandfather Teachings date back to the beginning of time and have always been a part of the Native American culture.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are:
Love – Knowing love is to know peace EAGLE
Respect – A way to honour creation is by showing respect BUFFALO
Bravery – Facing a problem with integrity is a true demonstration of bravery BEAR
Truth – Truth is having the knowledge of our cultural teachings TURTLE
Honesty – Facing a situation is to be brave, but having the courage to not only do the right thing, but also saying it is honesty RAVEN
Humility – Humility is to know that we are part of creation WOLF
Wisdom – The mixture of these teachings, combined with the experiences of life, is what we call wisdom. BEAVER

We are inviting all families to be part of a Frankland Art Project by creating a piece of art over the March break which will then be hung in an outside space for all to see and enjoy.


Seven Grandfather teachings which are: Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty, Humility and Wisdom.

Choose one of the teachings above and insert it in the blank and create an art piece that answers the question: “What is __ in your home”

Here’s how it works:

Pick up a piece of reclaimed wood (please only one per family) from one of the two bins in the school yard. You will find the bins:

Outside Storage Shed on the (south – west corner near door #4)
Outside Door #2

Take it home over the March break and make your creation. Return your art piece to the bin the first week back to school.

Wood pick up times:

Wednesday March 9th, and Thursday March 10th at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up

Art creation drop off times:

Tuesday March 21st and Wednesday March 22nd at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up

Be creative, have fun. We look forward to seeing your creations!

For more information on the Seven Grandfather Teachings:,Honesty%2C%20Humility%2C%20and%20Truth