Message from Frankland School Council

Back to school is coming this Monday. Let’s create a warm, energizing, and fun return for all our Frankland Falcons; staff, students and the community.

We are going to make some noise and welcome everyone back with some excitement.

Here’s the plan:

o This will happen at morning drop off on Monday, January 17th

o After dropping of your child, stay in the school yard if you can for the 8:45 a.m. entrance bell

o Stand along the edge of the school yard, or the pathway. Stay clear of the drop off area, or the entrances for the children

o When the 8:45 a.m. bell goes, make some noise by clapping, ringing bells or using other percussion instruments as the staff and students walk back into the school for class

Safety Precautions

o Masks required

o Distancing required

o Stay along the edge of the school yard away from doorways and pathways where classes walk to enter the school

o Only clapping or percussion instruments please, no cheering

Looking forward to joining with all of you to celebrate and appreciate our great Frankland community.

See you on Monday morning!