Anti-Black Racism Workshop – Part II is tomorrow – don’t forget to register!

Workshop for Frankland families, educators and members of our community (open to the wider community and other schools- feel free to share). PART II of a 3-part workshop; but no need to have attended the previous session – feel free to attend.

Register to receive Zoom link on April 27:

Workshop description (PART II):

– The second session of the workshop moves from theory into a practice for sharing tools with children on how to recognize, challenge, and resist anti-Black racism.

– Facilitators will provide tips and resources for how to present information and analysis to children in a way that is age appropriate, safe, empowering, and engaging.

– The group will discuss how children and families can engage in self-love and transformative allied actions and will plan mini lessons for their families in breakout groups.

NOTE: active participation during the workshop is welcome and encouraged, but absolutely not mandatory! Feel free to attend to ‘only’ learn and listen, use the chat function if you prefer, and have cameras on or off. The most important step is to care enough to show up and be eager to learn! And please do stay as long as possible – the breakout rooms & closing session were incredibly well-received in the last workshop.

Organized by the Frankland School Council’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee, in collaboration with the principal’s office. Facilitated by the Freedom School Toronto.