Return-to-School Update by Principal Lilian Hanson

A latest update (from Sep 4) by our Interim Principal Lilian Hanson should be in your inbox. As always, principal newsletters can also be found in our newsletter archive section of this website.

Please read this latest update in detail to help with a smooth transition next week.

Start days:
September 15 – SK + Gr 6
September 16 – JK + Gr 1 + Gr 5
September 17 – Gr 2 + Gr3 +Gr 4
September 18 – ALL

The entry and dismissal times:
8:45 am & 3:30 pm

Below are some photos of the welcome-back messages Frankland families have been creating for our teachers (who are back at school since today, getting Frankland ready for our kids!).

Please don’t forget to help build community spirit and socialize with other Frankland parents you may not know yet by posting your kids’ masked photos (ideally at Frankland, and, if possible, in Frankland gear or colours) with the hashtags #Iamready and #franklandrocks. The Facebook parent group is totally private (only Frankland parents may join).