Marker Recycling Program by Grade 1 Students

The Grade 1s in room 109 are currently running a marker recycling program called ‘Colourcycle.’ They have been going around the different Frankland classrooms, in teams of four, to tell fellow students about their great environmental initiative.

Here’s what they have to say: “Markers are made of plastic and we don’t want you to put them in the landfill! When your markers are dried out, please put them in the green recycling bin outside Room 109. We will send them to Crayola to be recycled! The program runs until June. We can collect any brand and type (e.g., dry erase, permanent, washable etc.) but NO markers with a metal tip (and no pens or wind-up pencil crayons!). Thank you for helping the earth!”

Please ensure you send the markers in with your child, to be handed to the teachers, not the main office (as we don’t want to add work for them!).