Frankland Lunch Programs – Jan 8 – Mar 9

Hello Frankland!
We are delighted to be offering Frankland Lunch Programs 2018 ScheduleFrankland Lunch Programs 2018 Registration Form again this year from Jan 8 to March 9 2018.  Many of the favourite programs are returning this year, and a few new additions to check out as well!  Click here for the descriptions of the new programs.
Please read all of the info below to participate:
SCHEDULE:  Please review the entire schedule of everything going on in the school here and attached.  On the given day, the program lead will come to the lunch room to gather the group and bring them to the appointed room.  All lunch monitors and staff will have master lists to ensure everyone gets where they need to go, especially the first couple of weeks.
In order to maximise the experience for everyone, the school would like to make the following recommendations as general guidelines:
(1) each child be signed up for no more than 2 Lunch Programs per week
(2) each child have no more than one extra curricular activity per day
REGISTRATIONS:  Only lunch programs require registration forms, other groups and teams will be set up through other channels.  In the schedule, programs marked with a * or ** require registration.
There are 2 options for registration (please complete one form per child):
(a) online through google form here
(b) blank form attached, or in the office
DEADLINE:  All registrations are due by midnight on November 20.  As always, if there are too many registrants, we will do a lottery for placement.  If your registration is late, we will do our best to accommodate your request, but on time registrations will be considered first.
FEES:  We are pleased to offer most of our programs for free.  For those that do have a fee associated, please make a note of the amount and payee and drop it off in the office in the designated bin to confirm your registration, OR indicate that the fee is prohibitive and the Parent Council will cover the costs for you.
CONFIRMATION:  All confirmations will be sent out by Nov 30.  NEW this year: we will have a drop / add period that will end December 15.   Please reach out between November 30 and December 15 if you wish to make any changes.
QUESTIONS:  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact our Principal Olga Ellis at or Frankland Lunch Program parent volunteers at
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our awesome teachers for their support and our amazing vendors for providing such engaging programming for our kids – ENJOY!