People for Education: Can we / should we measure well-being?

Can we / should we measure students’ well-being?

People for Education warns against “initiative overload”

In a recent response to the Ministry of Education’s Well-Being Strategy, People for Education expressed support for the province’s plan to expand the goals of education beyond narrow achievement targets.

But we also raised multiple concerns—about the province’s lack of overall policy coherence; the difficulty schools are having implementing multiple policies and priorities and the problems that can arise from using simplistic measures for complex areas such as student well-being

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Can we change students’ futures by changing how we define success?

Would you like to try?

People for Education—working with experts from across Canada—has defined a menu of concrete, teachable competencies and skills in health, social-emotional learning, creativity, and citizenship. We know that success in these areas is important for the long-term well-being of students and society.

We are inviting educators to experiment with the competencies in your classroom.

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Telling Tales Out of School

Join us on June 1 for an amazing show.

Telling Tales Out of School is a night where we honour the promise of public education through song, stories, and dance. The evening features performances by students from our publicly funded schools, intertwined with those of celebrated Canadian artists. It is both a celebration of public education and a fundraiser for People for Education.

This year’s performers include award-winning author Heather O’Neill and the amazing Devin Cuddy Band.

The event will take place in the Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre, a brand new cultural hub in Toronto’s east end.

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March 31: Ontario Association for Developmental Education’s 60th Annual Conference.

April 4–5: Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition Conference.

April 8: Casa Pueblito’s Voices for Change Conference.

April 19–20: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario Conference.

April 22: Dream Big: The School Council Event.

April 26: Frontier College 2017 National Forum: Literacy and Poverty.

April 28: Canadian Centre For Gender and Sexual Diversity’s third annual Ontario Educators’ Conference.

May 5: Let’s Get Together’s Parent Expo 2017.

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