Direct Donation

Dear Frankland Family:

As a member of the Frankland community, you have the opportunity to directly impact and enhance the experience of the children at our school in a number of ways ‐ as classroom parents, coaches and volunteers at our many events and programs. An important way many parents support the school is through generous financial donations, without which many of the programs and learning tools that enrich the school experience for Frankland students would not be possible.

At Frankland, we have three main fundraising events in the year: The Silent Auction in the fall, the Fun Fair in the spring and our Direct Donation campaign. In the past, the funds raised by our community have been used in the following important ways following consultation with parents and staff:

  • new computers for the library
  • smart boards for the classrooms
  • athletic equipment
  • art supplies
  • Scientists in School Program
  • field trips
  • audio/visual equipment for the gym
  • lunchtime activities during the winter months
  • schoolyard improvements
  • visiting sports specialists
  • author visits
  • live theatre
  • music productions

We are now asking parents to participate in the 2015‐2016 Direct Donation program (see reverse for details). Our goal is to raise $10,000 by November 13th through the campaign, 100% of which will fund the types of educational tools and activities described above.

Thank you to all of our parents and extended community for the many ways in which you support our school. We look forward to seeing you at our events, meetings and in the schoolyard!


Henna Agha and Lindsay Clarke‐Andrews

School Council Co‐Chairs