More about the Fix Our Schools Campaign

Notable: $14.7-billion of disrepair in Ontario public schools 

While the TDSB is often painted as the only school board in the province to struggle with disrepair in its schools, the fact is that all 72 public school boards in Ontario have a repair backlog … for a total of $14.7-billion of outstanding repairs in public schools across the province.Unbelievable. Unacceptable. Inexcusable.

How could our provincial government have allowed this much disrepair to accumulate in the buildings where children spend six hours each day?

Actionable: Lots you can do! 

The provincial government is responsible for funding public schools in Ontario and their proposal to fund repairs by selling off schools is incomplete, and potentially short-sighted. So take action and encourage the Province to find funding solutions for public schools by:

1) Promoting Fix Our Schools to your network! Street parties, fun fairs, and farmers’ markets are great opportunities to let others know about the disrepair in public schools and encourage them to join the Fix Our Schools campaign! We are at over 600 subscribers and the more people we have asking for safe, well-maintained schools – the better.

2) Booking a meeting with your MPP. Fix Our Schools can support you – contact us for more info.

3) Writing this letter to Premier Wynne and Minister Sandals. Since April 24, almost 100 of you have sent this letter, which was read in the Ontario Legislature by Education Critic MPP Gretzky. However, if you haven’t yet sent this letter, simply click here, add your name and address, insert your MPP’s email and hit send.

Thanks for helping Fix Our Schools,

Krista Wylie