A Message from the Greening Committee

Spring is here and greening activities are happening at Frankland.  There are lots of ways for you and your kids to get involved. Share your expertise or learn some new skills.  Send me a note if you would like more information or if you can lend a hand with any of the activities listed below. Even a few hours helps a lot!

Jen   jvolk@sympatico.ca

Greening Club

When: Wednesdays at lunch time

Lead: Nancy

Activities: come out any Wednesday at lunch. We started seedlings indoors in April. Now we have moved our activities outdoors and we are tidying the garden, planting and planning for the season.  We are in the garden and kids join us throughout the lunch time to help out. We may also be out there after school some days too. Summer help will be needed to maintain the garden (and you can share in the harvest!)


Front Garden

When:  our initial clean-up day was May 7th. There will be more dates to come and some summer help required.

Lead: Kate

Activities: clean up and maintain the garden at the front of the school


Yard Clean-up and Activities

When: now

Lead: Greg, Lindsay, Kelly

Activity: Last year a parent spearheaded the David Suzuki 30×30 challenge at the school. We had activities for the kids and parents to do after school every day for the month of May. For example we got out a bunch of brooms and rakes and tidied up the woodchip areas, weeded the track, had a skipping day after school. We are not participating fully in the challenge this year, but we do have a few parents organizing some after-school activities. If you have ideas, want to help out or participate please do!


Back Gardens

When: now

Lead: Needed

Activity: there are two areas at the back of the schoolyard that need some TLC – the area with shrubs and also a small garden bed.


Bonfire Withrow Park

When: late May, early June – stay tuned

Lead: Kate

Activities: we are going to have another bonfire at Withrow for parents and kids. Our creative way of having a meeting and just having some fun.