Aladdin Jr – What to wear!

What to Wear

It seems there has been a bit of confusion about what to wear for the musical.  We hope this post helps clear things up.


Muted colours:  peasant look

Brown, grey, beige, or white shirts and scarves either worn on the head or tied around the waist in drab and/or dark colours. Beige, brown, grey or other neutral/dull coloured pants or leggings.  Options to add vests, aprons or other layers.  See photo below for inspiration.  Please no logos or graphics.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.03.20 PM

Primary Costumes: required for performances dates only (April 23rd and 24th)

Everyone who is not a Harem Girl, Genie Dancer or Night Sky Dancer is considered a Townsperson and should create their own costume following the guidelines provided (above).

Harem Girls

Please wear a black tank top and black leggings.  You will be provided a scarf to wear around your hips and hair jewellery.

Genie Dancers

Please wear a black, bright blue or pink tank top or t shirt.  You will be provided a blue top or vest, harem pants and a scarf.

Night Sky Dancers

Please wear a black tank top and black leggings or pants.  You will be provided with a dark blue tee or skirt with gold stars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: